Thursday, June 26, 2014

Target's Room Essentials Marquee Arrow Enhanced

Marquees!  They are becoming a staple in home décor, and I have been wanting to find one for Rordan's room, or play area for months now.  Most of the time, I find that they cost a pretty penny.  I have considered making one, but at times, when I take on a "simple" DIY project, I find that I make it a bit complicated so I have opted out of that.  I figured I'd find one at Home Goods one day, so I've been patient, but have had no luck so far.  Well, I was running an errand at Target today, and as always, perused the home décor section.  How can you not?  They have great finds, and great sales!  Well, I was down to two aisles, and wouldn't you know it, I came across a display of marquees!  They had a few choices, being an "@", "?", and an "--->".  Of course, I loves arrows as you can see from my logo, so I had to get it.  It comes in two colors, teal, and white.  I am loving teal at the moment, but I wanted something I could put a spin on, and add some color to, so I went with the white. The following isn't a tutorial really, because honestly it required only three steps to complete, but I'll add the materials I used.  I figured that since I have wanted to use Washi Tape for a while now, I could come up with some sort of design for this arrow.  The only materials I needed were the Room Essentials Marquee, 3M Scotch Brand Washi Tape, I chose orange, and a knife.
 And here it is!

And that's it!  Very simple, but with a very fun result, and it costs less than $20 to complete!  I can't wait to hang this on the wall, once I get the wall painted.  Soon, very soon, I hope!  I'll be sure to add pictures of that to the blog when I'm done. 

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