Friday, August 22, 2014

DIY Entertainment Center Doors

The doors have been ordered!  Why it took so long to do it?  Who knows!  Life gets in the way of such things, but it's done now.  I'll have to paint them once they get here, so I think I'm about a month away from this project being complete.  Finally!  We have moved just about everything into place at this point, and I can see how much clutter these doors are coking to cover up.  That's my newest life goal.  DECLUTTERING!  I haven't ever been diagnosed with anything, but my brain can't function properly when I see too much clutter.  For example, if I'm at a bookstore, it's very hard for me to focus, because I'm visually overly stimulated.  Most times I have to have John find what we are looking for because I can't focus in on the actual titles of the books.  Eep!  Hopefully that isn't some terrible thing, but so far the only other side effect has been anxiety, so in order to get rid of it, I'm doing my best to get rid of the visual clutter.  Thanks for stopping by!  Talk to you soon!

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