Friday, June 20, 2014

Family Picture Day-Tomorrow

Oh boy!  It's been planned for almost a year, and yet here we are, a day before the actual shoot, and I still haven't picked out an outfit.  We have a comfortable theme going with John and Rordan wearing shorts and striped shirts, and I think I'm going to wear jeans and a sleeveless shirt.  I swore I wouldn't wear a sleeveless shirt, because even though I pick up a baby all day, and paint, and build things, I don't have desirable arms in my eyes.  That being said, I really like the shirt I picked out, so I'm giving it a shot.  I'm sure I'll change outfits at least three times before committing to one.  Luckily Pinterest is such a wonderful resource I styling that I hope I can pull something together.  We are doing to be outside, in a park, and I'm sure it will be hot, I mean, it is Texas, so hopefully the outfit I choose will keep me comfortable and looking nice.  The last thing I want is to have sweat beads running down my face. LOL!  Since this picture is being done by a company I bought a Groupon deal from, we are only allowed one pose for free.  I'm hoping it turns out as well as the last. Rordan loved the camera back then and smiled at the photographer during every shot.  I'm not so sure his attention span is the same this go round.  We will see!  I plan on taking my own photos while we are out so I'll be adding those to the blog most likely tomorrow or the next day.   See ya on the flip side!

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