Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Toddler Room/Playroom

Hello!  I thought I'd pop in and share a few pictures from the recent update of our toddler's room.  At one time it was a nursery that was never used, and it has been sitting in limbo for over a year now, since we moved his crib into our room when he was three months old.  Rordan's Christmas present from Santa this past year was a clubhouse.  My husband put it together in the room since it was too cold to do so outside.  Our plan was to move it to the backyard, but we have decided to keep it in the room since he loves it in there, and we have so many wasps taking up residence in our backyard.  We'd hate to have to experience that situation, so in the room it stays! 
Our Entertainment room/playroom, is undergoing a transformation from more playroom, to entertainment room, so we moved the shelves we had in that room, the world famous, IKEA Expedit, into this room.  I haven't had a chance to move many toys into the room though, but they will be moved soon.  I feel like I am living in a toy store!  I really can't wait to have them mostly in this room.  

                                                                                Rordan's Clubhouse!
                                                                            Rordan loves Mickey Mouse!

Expedit shelving from Ikea
Pictures from Ikea
Mickey Mouse enjoying the bed.

Another Mickey Mouse having a party on the bookcase.

Activity Table from Ikea

Reading Nook-It's the first place he heads to when we go into the room.
Picture ledges are from Ikea

Found the plaque at Target.  We thought it would be cute above the playhouse.
Letters are from Pottery Barn

Fun stuff on the wall, gifts from family.  Thank y'all!

So as you can see, it's a variety of pieces from Ikea, and random places.  I was planning on turning the room into a "world traveler" themed room, but I just couldn't get that serious with it, with him being so young.  I want bright colors and fun, fun, fun!  One day though! 

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