Saturday, June 7, 2014

Side Table Search-Look for Less (kind of)

A few months ago, while browsing Pottery Barn's website, I came across the Kenley End Table.  I fell in love!  It's beautiful, and so me, with it's metallic sheen and rustic feel.  I knew it would be a great addition to the living room.  Then, I looked at the price.  Ouch!  $399!  I was shattered.  It was just too far out of budget to even consider.  I decided I'd give it a chance to go on sale and revisit the possibility of purchasing it.  Well it did go on sale, but not enough for me to consider it.  So sad.  But, me being me, I went on a hunt for something similar.  I just never found anything that satisfied me like the Kenley End Table did, until one day while browsing Joss & Main, I came across the Everett End Table.  A rush of excited flooded over me because it had all the elements of the Kenley, but with a lower price!  I was so excited, but for some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it, and by the time I talked myself in to actually doing it, it was sold out.  Boo!  We ended up going with a completely different style table that we found at Target.  It was nice, just not what I wanted.  I don't mean to sound bratty about it all, just let down that I couldn't find what I wanted, which I knew would make the living room shine.  Well, we had the Target end table for about a month when I came across the Everett End Table again on Joss & Main, but this time with an even lower price of $133.95!  I snatched it up, after consulting with my husband via text message, of course, LOL!  After all, he is the bread winner in the family, since I am currently a Stay at Home Mom.  I like to consult him about large purchases, and to me that's anything over $100.  I feel it's only fair, even though it's "our money", I like to have him on board with things before moving forward.  He has a pretty good eye too, so I like to get his opinion for that reason also.  So now I have the Everett End Table and the Target end table in my living room.  They go together nicely since they are in the same color family and I feel like the living room has finally taken on a "finished" look. 

Fast forward to today, and while writing this post, I find that the Kenley End Table has gone on sale for even less!  You can get it for $159.99 now!  Ah!  If only I had waited!  Such is life I guess, but again, I am very happy with the way the room has turned out, and who is to say that I would feel that way with the Kenley?  God works in mysterious ways, and yes, even in matters of décor. 
Everett End Table-Joss & Main
(Currently unavailable, but check back because they add things to their inventory on a daily basis!)

Kenley Side Table-Pottery Barn


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