Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Dining Room Curtains Saga

Does anyone else ever get a headache trying to choose the right curtains for their room?  Ugh, my head has been spinning for about a week now, trying to figure out if I wanted to purchase, or make curtains for our Dining Room.  First I figured I'd purchase a pre made curtain from the store, and when I found a set that I wanted I found that I would have to order them, instead of picking them up at the store, and well, I was too impatient at the time to deal with that.  Luckily I figured out that they would have been too short anyways, so poo on those, even though I really liked them. 

That lead me to think about  making my own panels, which scared the junk out of me, because even though I can sew a sort of straight line, spending money on nice fabric and then messing it up with a terrible stitching job just wasn't in my book of good times.  That being said, after giving it one more shot, and ruling out purchasing my favorite fabric and pattern already made into curtain panels, I looked into purchasing just the fabric to make them myself to save a few dollars.  I was able to find the fabric on sale, but I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it right away.  I was still apprehensive about doing it myself, so to stall I looked around the net to see if I could find an alternative fabric, a bit cheaper so that if I did happen to fail at my DIY attempt, it wouldn't hurt as much.  Now let me tell you, I can't believe how many beautiful fabrics are floating out in this world.  I was looking for something muted, but fun.  Here are a few of the fabrics that I considered.

Favorite Pattern

6106711 Covington WINDSOR-P 56 MARINER

6106715 Covington WINDSOR-P 512 CAPRI BLUE

Secondary Picks

From JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store

I was at Joann's and had the last fabric pictured cut to size for three panels, picked out all my hardware, and was waiting to check out when I found that I didn't have my wallet.  Oh boy!  If you only knew how long I was in that store tying to make up my mind.  I mean, I really wanted curtains made out of my favorite fabric, but I was scared to take the plunge so I chose the runner up, safe choice, and I think the good Lord above wanted me to do otherwise.  I ended up leaving the store empty handed, upset, and ready to forget the whole thing.  I ended up at home, looking at my favorite fabric choice online, and happened to come across an Etsy listing for two panels that I felt was affordable.
Even though 9 was my favorite, I wanted to go with something a bit muted to transition with the seasons, so I went with 5.  I know, I said I didn't want to have to order curtains, but I am so glad things happened the way they did.  The pressure is off me now, to make the curtains, and in the end I'm looking forward to receiving the panels I really wanted, in the next couple of weeks.  Once I do, I'll try and update the blog with photos of them.



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