Thursday, July 10, 2014

Playroom Mood Board #2

Play Room

With the built in almost done for the entertainment room, an idea crossed my mind. Why not turn our current "exercise room" into the "play room"? I don't know why it never crossed my mind before! I mean, we had the builder add double doors to the joining wall, so that it would open up the rooms and allow for other activities to be enjoyed while we were watching T.V., or a movie. Before Rordan, of course our idea for that room was to have it house the exercise equipment. We had no clue about how much space we'd need to house all of the toys that come along with a child. The entertainment room has been the playroom for about a year now, though for the past few months, we've stayed mostly downstairs due to the work going on up there. So now we have plans to move the exercise equipment, which we rarely use by the way, to the "guest bedroom". We've never had guest, I doubt we ever will, but just in case, we plan on buying a fold out couch, or futon to add to the new playroom. Our plan is to sell as much of the furniture in the guest bedroom as we can to help offset the cost for the new playroom. I'm decorate happy for sure, but we don't have deep pockets, so I have to do something. I think a garage sale is in our future, though I think we will try some online options first. I feel like we might get more that way.
With Rordan getting older, things are changing as far as what is required to entertain him, as well as how much wear and tear things take around him. We don't need as many "baby" toys, so I'm thinking of phasing those out. It's been hard to do that in the past, because each time we think he is over a toy, he seems to gain interest in it again. He's playing with puzzles a lot more, and loves being at the table, so I want a small coffee table for him to do that on. The room is big enough to allow for him to run around even with something taking up space in the middle. I'd also like to make sure that the room is something he can grow into, instead of, out of, as he has the previous set up. Here's to hoping!
I'm thinking a nice mix of existing furniture and some new pieces from Ikea will do the trick. Nothing too expensive, and nothing we'd cry over, if for some reason they were to take a good beating. Did I mention that Rordan loves to hammer on tables? He doesn't actually use a hammer, just any old object he might find. I'm lucky most of my tables downstairs are distressed, and easily hide the new distressing they have received. Hey, he may just be the next great furniture maker, so be on the lookout for all of his distressed tables in about twenty years.
I was looking around for inspiration, and found myself on Polyvore a few days ago. I shared the ideas here in the blog, that I came up with for the room. I was looking it over, and though it really made my heart skip a beat with how nice it looked, of course, we can't afford all of the crazy expensive pieces that are shown. I figure, if this is going to happen, it will happen on a budget, and I'm trying to add as many pieces as I can to the idea, that reflect items that we already own, or can easily make. I've been inspired by a few of the wall art pieces I chose, so I can't wait to tackle them. I've already figured out how to make my own version of the numbers display. I'll share that in a later post. Hopefully when the room is done.

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