Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Since Rordan was born, we've taken thousands upon thousands of pictures of him.  I mean, every parent is in love with their child, right?  I just want to capture as many moments as possible, to share with him as he gets older.  Today, John, Rordan,, Grandpa, and I, all went to our local pumpkin patch, to take pictures.  I can honestly say, this year was more fun than last year.  This year, Rordan was amazed with all of the pumpkins, and since they have a petting farm as well, he was even more excited to see the animals.  We've decided we are going to have to adopt a chicken, or some sort of bird, as that seemed to be Rordan's favorite.  Actually, it was a peacock, but I'm not so sure how well I could handle one in my backyard.  LOL!
This is going to contain a HUGE amount of photos, for family, and memory sake.  I'm so happy to have captured so many great moments.  Enjoy!














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