Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Holiday Recap, and New Year Goals

Okay, shh, don't tell anyone that I'm typing this right now and not resting, like I said I would be.  If their was ever something I didn't do well, it would be resting.  I'm working on it though.  Maybe I'll attempt it again in a couple of days.  Haha!

So we've been busy these past couple of weeks.  We celebrated Christmas with our families, and right after took care of Grandpa for five days, so it's been non stop here at the Watts house.  John' sister came into town, from VA, to celebrate Christmas.  It's always nice when she makes it this way.  Wish she could do it more often.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with John's parents, and sister, and then Christmas day with my grandpa and aunt.  Gifts were exchanged, but that's never the best part.  I truly enjoy other's company, contrary to my shy nature, and love when they all come around together.  So many personalities in the same room always keeps it interesting.  Rordan received many nice gifts, of which we are thankful for.  He's been playing up a storm with all of them. 

John's birthday is the day after Christmas, so you can guess how fun that can be at times.  Haha!  I really hope he ended up enjoying the day.  We were able to meet up with his dad and sister for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day at home together.  It was nice, but sometimes I wish he had an opportunity to have a real birthday party like the rest of us not born so close to a major holiday.  I mean, being a grown man doesn't take away from wanting to be recognized on your big day.  Maybe we will do something extra special next year!

Grandpa spend the following days with us, through to Jan. 1st 2015.  What an amazing opportunity to spend time with the ones I love, and especially Grandpa since he's 90 now, and not doing so well.  Mentally he has declined so much, but his personality pops out at times, and makes me cry, because I get a little glimpse at my Grandpa as a happy and healthy man.  He sure does love to play with Rordan!  They get along like two peas in a pod.  Rordan likes to sit next to grandpa and show him his toys, or watch a TV show with him.  Grandpa is always amused by this, and the day that he left, as we were getting him ready, told me that he'd like to have him, referring to Rordan.  Makes my heart melt, seriously, because Grandpa is one of the most influential and important people in my life.  Having raised me as his own for almost all my life, it's wonderful that God has given me the opportunity to see my son interact with him.  Oh and just in case I haven't mentioned it, Grandpa is my Great-Grandpa, making Rordan is Great-Great-Grandson.  How awesome is that?!  We have some tough decision that have to be made this year, as far as his care, but we will do then with God on our side, and love in our heart.  It's the only way to honor such a wonderful man.


That leads me to my goals for this year.  I have let other's influence my mood far too often this past year.  I've decided that I will no longer live that way, because it has made me such a miserable person at times, and I know that isn't what God wants for me and my family.  I was given the opportunity to stay at home with my child to improve his life, and not have him be around a cranky person, because I have become depressed over things going on in my adult world.  Rordan means too much for me to let it continue, and luckily, as silly as it sounds, in just the past two days, with this new outlook, I've been a much more enjoyable person to be around, and I have enjoyed other's so much more as well. 

I've never spoken about it before here on the blog, but I am sure that I suffered from Post Partum Depression, after Rordan was born.  I was not prepared to deal with it, but with the help of my husband I have been able to work it out without outside help.  This was a personal choice of mine, and I encourage anyone that feels the need for outside help to please seek it out.  I was ashamed of the fact for so long, but now I know I did nothing to cause it, and that it's a very common thing to experience.  The depression  has lingered on even two full years after his birth.  Luckily I feel that it's getting better.  It's another goal of mine to continue working towards a full recovery.  I will keep you updated as I go along with this blog.  I may even post more about what I went through if anyone is interested, or if I see it beneficial to do so.

Another goal of mine this year is to work with Rordan, and prepare him for pre-school.  He's only two, but I know that so many children are getting some form or formal education even at this age, and I don't want him to be left behind.  I'm going to try to compile a list of activities to complete each week with him, and share those as we go along as well.

As for the blog, it is sort of my journal, as well as creative outlet, so I will continue to post here as long as it doesn't interfere with any of my other goals.  The community I have met on Instagram recently has been such a blessing to me personally, and creatively, and I hope that one day visiting my blog with be something something my friends do on a weekly basis, to see what's going on "Around the Watts House".  I have a never ending list of things I'd like to do this year at home, so be on the lookout for those completed things to be shared.

                                                                     Happy New Year to you all! 


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