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Hello!  Thanks for stopping in today!  I'd like to share pictures of my mini update of our downstairs Powder Room.  It's the only bathroom on the first floor, so it gets plenty of use by the family, and visitors.  I've been struggling to figure out exactly how to decorate this room.  It's fairly small, but it has tall ceilings that leave me with a lot of wall to work with.  It has no built in storage.  All it has is a toilet and pedestal sink installed.  Luckily my wonderful in-laws gifted me with the funds to purchase our current bath cabinet, for my birthday.  Okay, they didn't know that's what I was going to get with the money, but it was nice of them to give it anyhow.  I had seen the cabinet at Home Goods the week before, and really fell in love with it.  It was $100, so it wasn't a consideration for me.  I have too many other things to use that money on, but like I said, the birthday gift saved the day, and I was able to go back to the store and pick it up.  I'm pretty sure the ladies in the aisle thought I was nuts, having actually picked it up and set it in my basket.  It's not really small, and the countertop makes it pretty heavy.  I think it's marble.  My newest love!  Actually, I almost dropped the beauty while trying to put it in the basket, so I'm lucky that I'm able to talk about it today.  Silly me. 
Recently I had the room decorated with coastal décor, but something was off.  It just hasn't ever felt right to me.  This was actually the second attempt at decorating the room.  Although I liked it, I just wasn't satisfied.  It didn't really give me that sense of calm that I get when I actually "complete" a room.  I haven't really been planning on doing anything to this room, but here we are today.  Sometimes inspiration sneaks up on ya!
I was browsing the mirror aisle at Target the other day, and saw a mirror that I considered using for the Entertainment Room, but passed on it because of its size.  For some reason, last night it occurred to me just how perfect it would be for the Powder Room wall.  Because the room has no windows it can feel like a closet if we don't attempt to open it up using mirrors. 
Rordan and I made a quick trip this morning, back to Target to see if they had the mirror in stock still.  They only had two the other day.  Just our luck, they still had one.  I picked it up and put it in the basket before anyone could steal it from me.  Oh yes, someone was going to do that, I'm sure.  Mmmhmm.  Can you tell I'm an aggressive buyer?  LOL!  Once the mirror was safely secured in MY basket,  I rounded the corner of the aisle, and at the end of the aisle across from us was a display of small accent rugs.  I have to admit, I had seen them before, and loved the turquoise version, but it wasn't on sale, and I didn't really need it, so I passed on it.  Well, today, I knew I wanted it, and just my luck, it was not only on sale, but I got 20% off using the Cartwheel App.  That thing is awesome by the way.  We've saved quite a bit of money using it.  Oh, did I mention that the mirror was on sale too?  It was our lucky day!
Such a refreshing sight!  I love the pop of color the rug brings to the room.
My beautiful cabinet.  Oh how I love thee!
We painted the room almost a year ago.  We had leftover paint from the nursery, so that's what we used.  It's Sherwin Williams Light French Gray.  Depending on it's surroundings it can have a bit of a blue hue.  It's pretty, but I plan on finding a truer gray in the future.  Actually I have all kinds of dreams for that room, but for now, it's going to stay as it is.  Maybe I'll share a post on prospective designs.  That could be fun!
When we got back from the store, I went ahead and hung the mirror and rolled  the rug out to see how it looked.  At that point I knew I had to switch out the pictures that were already hung.  I pulled up "free printables" on Pinterest, and luckily I came across the perfect images to use. 

Check out this bloggers site.  She has some awesome printables!
I had a few extra white frames that I found at various stores this year, and thought they would be perfect to use with these images. 
Again, the color is so refreshing.

We found our vanity mirror at Home Goods as well.  We actually purchased a swivel mirror but the placement of the mirror was such that we couldn't hang it without hitting water pipes, so sadly it had to go back to where it came from.  We were lucky, not too many weeks later we came across this beauty.  It's such an interesting mirror.  It's wood, painted with a silver metallic, and stained.  It really blends with this new décor.  Gives it that extra "earthy" feeling.
Overall, I'm pleased with the outcome.  I think it's modern, and bright, but not too bright, which I prefer for this room.  I think I've found a nice medium to stay in for while.  Below I have supplied the links to the rug and the mirror.  I see that the rug isn't marked down online, but I can tell you that I only paid $23 for it, so if you like it you might try visiting the nearest location to you. Thanks for stopping by!


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