Friday, August 15, 2014

Playroom Reveal!


Rordan's playroom is done!  I actually hadn't planned on changing up the house layout, but once I created my first playroom mood board, I think I was hooked.  I ended up making three different mood boards (MB2 & MB3).  I drew inspiration from each to come up with the final product.  We wanted this room to double as a playroom, and a guest room, since the existing guest room is now the catch all room/exercise room.  We searched for a couch that would fold out into a bed, and luckily the one we found is not only awesome looking, but very comfortable. We don't get many guests, so the fact that it's only a twin shouldn't be a problem.  If anything, someone can sleep on the couch.  Sorry future guests!

We hit up Ikea, and Target for many of the items you see in the room, as well as our own items.  I'll probably source the items if anyone is interested in knowing what they are or where they are from, or if I find the time this weekend.  LOL!  Ultimately, I think we ended up with a nice looking, functional, and fun playroom.  My main goal was to keep in mind Rordan's interests, and have all the things he loves up here in this room.  So far, he seems to be having a blast playing in it.  It's not usually this tidy, but thankfully, it's actually very easy to clean up, thanks to all the storage!  Oh, I didn't mention it, but the couch bottom lifts up to hold items as well.  Very clever, and functional!  Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I made all the artwork in the room.  I drew inspiration from quotes I've seen on the internet, and one Land of Nod picture in particular. I bet you can spot it!  I ended up creating the image on Photoshop, and having it blow up into a poster at our local office supplies store.  I think I saved about $80 doing it this way.  I love graphic art, so this was a fun little project for me. Okay, well here are the pictures of the room.  This room was so hard to photograph, by the way!  The lighting is wonderful, but I just couldn't find the "perfect" setting on my camera to capture things as clearly as I needed.  I hate when that happens to me.  Guess I should brush up on my camera setting skills.  :)




So I hope y'all enjoyed the reveal!  Rordan is our first child, and we waited so long to actually have a child so we could do things just like this for him.  I thank the good Lord that we are fortunate enough to be able to do this sort of thing for him.

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